[CentOS] Mirror sync strategy or problem?

Wed Aug 3 08:09:57 UTC 2016
Gianluca Cecchi <gianluca.cecchi at gmail.com>

I have a CentOS 7 server, right installed.
I notice that some packages that are present  at
are not present yet at some other mirrors (that are the ones my
fastestmirror plugin picks up... even after a clean):

For example packages like glibc, bash and dbus have updates dated 02 August
on the main mirror site but not yet at the other two sites.
if in Centos-Base.repo file, [updates] section, I use baseurl instead of
mirrorlist entry and run

sudo yum clean all
sudo yum update

I then get these packages' list:
Dependencies Resolved

 Package                                  Arch
Version                           Repository         Size
 bash                                     x86_64
4.2.46-20.el7_2                   updates           1.0 M
 dbus                                     x86_64
1:1.6.12-14.el7_2                 updates           306 k
 dbus-libs                                x86_64
1:1.6.12-14.el7_2                 updates           151 k
 dbus-x11                                 x86_64
1:1.6.12-14.el7_2                 updates            46 k
 device-mapper-persistent-data            x86_64
0.6.2-1.el7_2                     updates           366 k
 glibc                                    x86_64
2.17-106.el7_2.8                  updates           3.6 M
 glibc-common                             x86_64
2.17-106.el7_2.8                  updates            11 M
 gssproxy                                 x86_64
0.4.1-8.el7_2                     updates            84 k
 initscripts                              x86_64
9.49.30-1.el7_2.3                 updates           429 k
 iscsi-initiator-utils                    x86_64              updates           419 k
 iscsi-initiator-utils-iscsiuio           x86_64              updates            82 k
 libblkid                                 x86_64
2.23.2-26.el7_2.3                 updates           167 k
 libgovirt                                x86_64
0.3.3-1.el7_2.4                   updates            64 k
 libgudev1                                x86_64
219-19.el7_2.12                   updates            66 k
 libmount                                 x86_64
2.23.2-26.el7_2.3                 updates           169 k
 libsss_idmap                             x86_64
1.13.0-40.el7_2.12                updates           104 k
 libsss_nss_idmap                         x86_64
1.13.0-40.el7_2.12                updates           103 k
 libtiff                                  x86_64
4.0.3-25.el7_2                    updates           169 k
 libuuid                                  x86_64
2.23.2-26.el7_2.3                 updates            74 k
 mdadm                                    x86_64
3.3.2-7.el7_2.1                   updates           393 k
 microcode_ctl                            x86_64
2:2.1-12.el7_2.1                  updates           535 k
 open-vm-tools                            x86_64
9.10.2-5.el7_2                    updates           472 k
 open-vm-tools-desktop                    x86_64
9.10.2-5.el7_2                    updates           161 k
 sssd-client                              x86_64
1.13.0-40.el7_2.12                updates           158 k
 systemd                                  x86_64
219-19.el7_2.12                   updates           5.1 M
 systemd-libs                             x86_64
219-19.el7_2.12                   updates           358 k
 systemd-python                           x86_64
219-19.el7_2.12                   updates            99 k
 systemd-sysv                             x86_64
219-19.el7_2.12                   updates            53 k
 util-linux                               x86_64
2.23.2-26.el7_2.3                 updates           1.9 M

Transaction Summary
Upgrade  29 Packages

Total download size: 28 M
Is this ok [y/d/N]:

What are typical delays in mirrors' sync? Or is there any problem in
mirrors updates?