[CentOS] CentOS automatic installation fails with “Installation Destination” error

Mon Aug 8 09:33:33 UTC 2016
Manjunath A Kumatagi <mkumatag at in.ibm.com>


I'm trying to install the centos netboot install on ppc64le platform but
automation installation(kickstart) fails with the following error:

   Starting installer, one moment...
   find_file: stat /proc/device-tree/chosen/bootpath, No such file or
   anaconda for CentOS AltArch 7 started.
    * installation log files are stored in /tmp during the installation
    * shell is available on TTY2
    * when reporting a bug add logs from /tmp as separate text/plain
   Starting automated install..........
   Generating updated storage configuration
   storage configuration failed: failed to find a suitable stage1 device



    1) [x] Language settings                 2) [x] Timezone settings
           (English (United States))                (UTC timezone)
    3) [x] Installation source               4) [x] Software selection
           (http://mirror.centos.org/altar          (Custom software
           ch/7/os/ppc64le/)                 6) [x] Kdump
    5) [!] Installation Destination                 (Kdump is enabled)b |
   Help: F1
           (Error checking storage configu
    7) [x] Network configuration
           (Wired (enp0s1) connected)

   ** (anaconda:1253): WARNING **: Could not open X display

   The installation was stopped due to incomplete spokes detected while
   running in non-interactive cmdline mode. Since there cannot be any
   questions in cmdline mode, edit your kickstart file and retry
   The exact error message is:

   The following mandatory spokes are not completed:
   Installation Destination.

   The installer will now terminate.

   [root at llmtul01b qemu]#

And kickstart file looks like:

   url --url="http://mirror.centos.org/altarch/7/os/ppc64le/"
   keyboard us
   rootpw --lock --iscrypted locked
   timezone --isUtc --nontp UTC
   selinux --enforcing
   firewall --disabled
   network --bootproto=dhcp --device=link --activate --onboot=on
   bootloader --disable
   lang en_US

   # Repositories to use
   repo --name="CentOS"
   --baseurl=http://mirror.centos.org/altarch/7/os/ppc64le/ --cost=100
   ## Uncomment for rolling builds
   repo --name="Updates"
   --baseurl=http://mirror.centos.org/altarch/7/updates/ppc64le/ --cost=100

   # Disk setup
   clearpart --all --initlabel
   part / --fstype ext4 --size=3000

Looking for the option to select the installation destination through
kickstart file.