[CentOS] Regarding using CentOS on Commercial Appliance

Tue Aug 9 05:23:10 UTC 2016
Akshat Kakkar <the_akshat at yahoo.co.in>

Hi All!I am builiding a firewall appliance based on CentOS. I am using CentOS as it is with some packages removed and some configuration done to security harden the appliance. Over and above this I will be installing Apache Web Server and Tomcat to run my web application which will give a web interface to configure the iptables in the appliance. There is no development done in iptables. It is used as available in its latest version online. As Tomcat will be running as non-root so it cant actually write the iptables rule. For writing iptables rules I will be using C++ executables with SUID bit set.Once this will be done, I am planning to Commercialise it.
Am I allowed to do so without revealing my web application code and the C++ executable code (for iptables)?
I know all the CentOS packages, etc. might fall in GPL and as a result I should be supplying source code of all the packages in CentOS.

What else is expected from me?