[CentOS] migrate openldap to centos 7 server..

Sun Aug 21 15:49:34 UTC 2016
Jason Welsh <jason.welsh at mercurygate.com>

I hope this isnt terribly off-topic, but Im trying to migrate openldap from an old 32bit install 
of gentoo linux to 64bit centos 7. Ive searched and found all kinds of info on migrating, but 
none if it seems to work completely for me. 
It seems that the newer centos 7 opendlap config doesnt use the slapd.conf file any more.
So It appears I need two ldif files. one for the config and one for the actual database?
on the old server if I do (as root) 
slapcat -n 0    , i get the error
slapcat: could not open database.
but I was able to get a dump of the (non-config) database with 
 slapcat -n 1, but I cant import that ldif on the new centos 7 server without the config part... 
anyone know what the right procedure for this would be ?