[CentOS] CentOS 7 kickstart question

Fri Aug 5 13:40:11 UTC 2016
John Hodrien <J.H.Hodrien at leeds.ac.uk>

On Fri, 5 Aug 2016, Jonathan Billings wrote:

> Even if you're using BIOS boot, if you've got a GPT-formatted disk,
> you'll need a 'biosboot' partition as well.
> part biosboot --fstype=biosboot --size=1

That doesn't sound right.  Pure EFI boot, you can just have:

part /boot/efi --fstype="efi"

Plus whatever volumes (PVs etc.) that you want.

Other question mark I'd have over the partitioning is that it's got a separate

part /usr --fstype="xfs" --ondisk=sda --size=30000 --asprimary

Separating off /usr from / is no longer supported AFAIK.