[CentOS] Gateway question

Tue Aug 9 03:56:20 UTC 2016
Anthony K <akcentos at anroet.com>

On 08/08/16 21:05, Levente Birta wrote:
> But how can I add achieve this only with ip route command ... without 
> route?
> Can I add this in any config files (ex: route-enp2s0)?
Hi Levente.

The iproute2 man page for each command is rather well documented on 
CentOS 7.  For instance, to view the specifics of *ip route*, type *man 
ip-route*.  On older versions of CentOS, all commands to ip have been 
lumped into *m**an ip*.

Also, would you care to explain why you'd want to have the same subnet 
on 2 interfaces of the same device?  If both networks had a host with 
the same IP, and another host on either one of the networks needed to 
talk to one of them, how would the router know which one to talk to?

I have encountered this before where one company acquired another and 
they both had same subnet IP's.  Before we renumbered one of the 
subnets, we resolved this via iptables mungling and policy routing.  So, 
it's doable, but why when there's plentiful supply of RFC1918 IP addresses?