[CentOS] Sound failure in CentOS 6.8

Sun Aug 21 21:55:50 UTC 2016
j_post <j_post at pacbell.net>

On Sunday 21 August 2016 13:50:25 Frank Cox wrote:
> On Sun, 21 Aug 2016 13:39:29 -0700
> j_post wrote:
> > Sound stopped working on my CentOS 6.8 system several months ago.
> alsamixer may tell you something useful.
When I select HDA Intel PCH, which is what it should be using, everything 
looks normal with one possible exception. There are three volume sliders 
labeled  S/PDIF and the second one has "Default" tacked on to it. All three 
have volume set at zero and alsamixer won't allow any change.

The default should be HDA Intel PCH.

I have a strong suspicion that there's a config file somewhere that somehow got 
messed up, but all the config files that I'm aware of that might have anything 
to do with sound match those on a machine with working sound.