[CentOS] Ordering rich rules with firewalld

Fri Aug 26 16:54:58 UTC 2016
Valeri Galtsev <galtsev at kicp.uchicago.edu>

On Fri, August 26, 2016 11:21 am, Jeff White wrote:
> Is there any way to order rich rules in firewalld?

Requesting any features should go to either RedHat, as CentOS, crudely
stated, is "binary replica" of RedHat Enterprise" Linux. Or to open source
firewalld project:


I hope, this helps.


>  If I remove all
> rules and add them back in firewalld seems to put them in whatever order
> it feels like.
> Alternatively, how can I change the default policy of a firewalld zone?
> At the moment I don't see any way to have a zone accept traffic by
> default other than adding a rich rule allowing
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