[CentOS] CentOS 7 : keyboard shortcut for mouse gesture?

Sun Aug 28 07:42:50 UTC 2016
Nicolas Kovacs <info at microlinux.fr>

Le 28/08/2016 à 09:37, Nicolas Kovacs a écrit :
> I have a CentOS 7 (GNOME) desktop installed as a VirtualBox guest on my
> Slackware64 14.1 workstation, to fiddle with it. Guest Additions are
> installed and configured OK, and 3D acceleration is working too.
> In its default configuration, the GNOME desktop under CentOS shows an
> "exposé" (I don't know how you call this), a list of all open windows,
> when you move the mouse cursor to the upper left corner of the screen.
> When no window is open, you just see the sidebar with the application
> launchers, and on the right side you see the empty virtual desktops.
> Is there a keyboard shortcut for this mouse gesture? I'm asking because
> on my dual-monitor workstation, the CentOS guest is displayed
> full-screen on my right monitor, and the mouse gesture seems to be
> ineffective.

I'll answer that myself, because I just found the answer to my question
in a Ubuntu forum.

Simply press the key with the Microsoft logo on it (I think it is called
the "Super" key).



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