[CentOS] .htaccess file

Mon Aug 29 11:18:41 UTC 2016
TE Dukes <tdukes at palmettoshopper.com>

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> On 2016-08-28, TE Dukes <tdukes at palmettoshopper.com> wrote:
> > I setup an ipset but quickly ran out of room in the set. I guess I'll
> > have to setup multiple sets.
> I'm not familiar with ipsets, but from a quick Google search it seems like
> can increase the size of an ipset (or make a new larger one and migrate
> IPs to the new one).  Multiple sets looks like it'd work as well.
> > Right now, I'm just trying to take some load off my home server from
> > badbots but I am getting hit on other services as well.
> Another possibility for you to look at is sshguard.  It can protect
against brute
> force ssh attacks (using iptables rules, which is how I use it) but IIRC
it can
> also protect against http attacks (I've never used it that way, so I don't
> how difficult this is).
> Can you be more specific about the "load" you're trying to mitigate?  Is
> really the load on your home system, or is it that attackers are using
> bandwidth, or a combination?
> --keith
[Thomas E Dukes] 
I saw that as well but it was a little vague on how to do that.