[CentOS] NODEJS010-NPM is not getting installed due to dependency errors on Custom Centos ISO installation

Wed Aug 31 14:20:26 UTC 2016
Jim Perrin <jperrin at centos.org>

On 08/31/2016 03:48 AM, SUDHANSHU BHUTANI wrote:
> Hi,
> I have built successfully all the dependent packages of nodejs010 and npm.
> I have used following command:-
> *rpmbuild --define 'scl nodejs010' --bb SPEC/name_of_spec.spec*

You should really use mock, so that you don't have unintended libraries
from your build host included/linked/required in the resulting rpm.
> Following is the list of RPMs cloned and built from GIT:-


> *However, when we copy these RPMS to our ISO, anaconda installer fails
> to install due to dependency errors:-*

You should use the 'repoclosure' utility to make sure that you have met
all the dependencies of packages in the repo on your iso.

> How is it possible, to get these errors, how come packages are not
> satisfying minimum dependency for working of NPM?

repoclosure should tell you. You may be missing something scl related.

> If i do yumdownloader for all these above RPMs from repo: [centos-sclo-rh]
> : http://mirror.centos.org/centos/7/sclo/x86_64/rh/nodejs010/), then i
> get following RPMs without "centos" name:-

Correct. This is an rpm macro change. by default the 'centos' is added
in there.

> *If i copy paste above RPMS to my custom ISO, then anaconda
> successfully installs these packages, without any errors*

This would suggest something is wrong with your build. See previous
statement about using mock vs rpmbuild.

> *What is there is these already built RPMs (taken from repo: [centos-sclo-rh]
> : http://mirror.centos.org/centos/7/sclo/x86_64/rh/nodejs010/) which
> is not there in my built RPMS?*

That's kind of up to you to figure out, since we can't see your custom
built ones.

> Any pointers for this, as we feel, there is some inconsistency in the
> version available on git.centos.org/git/rpms/<name_of_pkg>.git ?

More likely it's in your build method.

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