[CentOS] ASL enters EPEL7: Hardware accelerated multiphysics simulation platform

Wed Dec 7 21:38:21 UTC 2016
Zeev Pekar <zeev.pekar at avtechscientific.com>

Dear CentOS community,

Due to efforts of Fedora maintainers ASL ( http://asl.org.il/ ) entered
EPEL7 ( libASL ) today and now can be easily installed and deployed:


All the best,

About ASL

Advanced Simulation Library (ASL) is a free and open source hardware
accelerated multiphysics simulation platform (and an extensible general
purpose tool for solving Partial Differential Equations). Its
computational engine is written in OpenCL and utilizes matrix-free
solution techniques which enable extraordinarily high performance,
memory efficiency and deployability on a variety of massively parallel
architectures, ranging from inexpensive FPGAs, DSPs and GPUs up to
heterogeneous clusters and supercomputers. The engine is hidden entirely
behind simple C++ classes, so that no OpenCL knowledge is required from
application programmers. Mesh-free, immersed boundary approach allows
one to move from CAD directly to simulation drastically reducing
pre-processing efforts and amount of potential errors. ASL can be used
to model various coupled physical and chemical phenomena and employed in
a multitude of fields: computational fluid dynamics, virtual sensing,
industrial process data validation and reconciliation, image-guided
surgery, computer-aided engineering, design space exploration,
crystallography, etc..