[CentOS] kde failing???

Mon Dec 12 03:01:01 UTC 2016
geo.inbox.ignored <geo.inbox.ignored at gmail.com>


centos 6.8
kde 4.3.4
toshiba satellite l4550-s5976 laptop

 - part 1: clock losing time

first noticed time was off by 8 min, reset via F2 cl terminal.

~40 min later, off by ~2 min, reset via 'service manager' by stopping
ntpd, count 20, started ntpd, within a few seconds, clock reset to
correct time.

~1 hour later, noticed clock off again, considered cause to be cmos
battery failing. after removing ~30 screws and bottom cover, found
that cmos batter was soldered to board. checked with dvom, voltage
read 3.2v with main battery and charger removed.

ran web search on tower box to find that cmos battery is a rechargeable
3.0 v battery and being that removing screws and cover took several
minutes, with battery being up, cause must be elsewhere.

note - noticed that a time problem was occurring just after tzdata
update on 2016-1201.

was not able to pursue further due to next problems.

 - part 2: unable to open knoqueror file browser [kfb].

having other things to do other than worry about time problem, decided
move a few files around and give further thought to time problem before
opening thunderbird to post problem.

with several other kfb's open, decided to open another. not. clicking
kfb icon started opening of kfb, but it shut down within a couple
seconds. repeated attempt 4 more times, all failed.

have previously had at least 10 kfb's open and never had a problem with
opening additional.

strange, thought i. decided to reboot system to see if problem cleared.

now way. new problem.

 - part 3: kde desktop fails to run.

system rebooted to default desktop manager, entered password, kde starts
to load, drops out, desktop manager reruns.

able to login as 'root' using kde no problem.

any and all help/suggestions greatly appreciated.



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peace out.

CentOS GNU/Linux 6.8



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