[CentOS] Problem with Centos & Alsa on reboot

Mon Dec 19 22:49:25 UTC 2016
Robert Jeffares <jeffares.robert at gmail.com>

I have a number of machines using Centos 6.8
They have M-Audio sound cards.
When I set the output levels using alsamixer and save using 'alsactrl 
store' [creating a requested directory]  the settings do not restore on 
I have no idea why they don't.
running 'alsactrl restore' works so the settings are being saved.

I think the on board card settings are loaded OK


seems to have the right permissions, and I can find no errors in any logs.

My fix is to run a script from /etc/rc.local which runs on restart and 
sends me an email

#! /bin/bash
date > /home/rd/soundset.log
alsactl restore
cat /home/rd/soundset.log |mail -s 'sound set ' your at email.com
exit 0

It's either Centos or Alsa.

Did not have this in earlier systems.



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