[CentOS] networkmanager VS OpenConnect VPN

Wed Dec 21 02:41:13 UTC 2016
Fred Smith <fredex at fcshome.stoneham.ma.us>

I have a VPN connection using the openconnect vpn, and it is managed by network manager. Works fine.

It has been on my system since the original Centos 7.x release.

Now that I have Centos 7.3, while it still works fine, I find that
I can no longer add a new connection using openconnect. I also find
that I am not allowed to edit the existing openconnect vpn definition.

attempting to create a new one lists only ipsec-based VPN as a choice,
along with "import a saved VPN configuration".

Attempting to edit the existing one pops up a little window that says:

Could not edit connection
Could not find VPN plugin for 'org.freedesktop.networkmanager.openconnect'.

yum says I have the following items installed:

	yum list installed \*openconnect\*
	Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, langpacks, nvidia
	Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile
	 * base: centos.mirror.constant.com
	 * elrepo: mirrors.evowise.com
	 * epel: mirrors.mit.edu
	 * extras: mirror.cc.columbia.edu
	 * nux-dextop: mirror.li.nux.ro
	 * updates: mirrors.advancedhosters.com
	Installed Packages
	NetworkManager-openconnect.x86_64                   @epel
	openconnect.x86_64                             7.06-1.el7                  @epel

this has worked for some long time, now, so what is wrong here? I don't think I"m
missing any packages, because "yum list available" doesn't find anything else
that seems to be needed, only -debuginfo and -devel.

Anyone got a clue for me?


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