[CentOS] Kernel Panic at Boot

Wed Dec 7 20:40:02 UTC 2016
Ken Smith <kens at kensnet.org>

John R Pierce wrote:
> On 12/7/2016 12:09 PM, Ken Smith wrote:
>> Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd P43-ES3G
> thtas a rather old motherboard, like circa 2008?    my longtime 
> experiences with consumer desktop grade hardware suggest that at 5 
> years, 50% of them go flaky.   that one is about 8 years old now.

I know its old. I have quite a few (5) PCI video capture cards in there 
for MythTV and very few modern motherboards have PCI interfaces these 
days. Moving to something more recent would also mean scrapping those 

That said, I doubt that the age of the motherboard is related to the 
kernel panic after I stupidly de-installed the NVidia driver. It would 
be a sad double fault that the previously unused (but old) replacement 
mother board suffered a failure at the same time as I de-installed the 
NVidia driver. That would be very bad luck.

I have subsequently found that the 2.6.32-358.el6.x86_64 kernel still 
boots fine on there so I very much doubt I'm on the trail of a hardware 

Would I be safe just to reinstall the 2.6.32-358.6.2.el6.x86_64 kernel?