[CentOS] Plain requirement: desktop search

Mon Dec 12 11:20:50 UTC 2016
Leon Fauster <leonfauster at googlemail.com>

Am 10.12.2016 um 18:26 schrieb Nicolas Kovacs <info at microlinux.fr>:
> Le 10/12/2016 à 17:54, Leon Fauster a écrit :
>> I need a comprehensive desktop search functionality. Not only 
>> searching for file names but also for content and meta data. The 
>> environment is EL6.8 / Gnome2. I have noticed that "beagle" is 
>> not part of the distro anymore. Any suggestions for such requirement?
> Since I've discovered Recoll, I won't use anything else. Nothing beats
> it, frankly.

Great, sounds good and its in EPEL6, perfect. I will see if it satisfies the user :-)