[CentOS] libreoffice 5 slow after 7.3 update

Wed Dec 14 12:21:10 UTC 2016
Jose Maria Terry Jimenez <jtj at tssystems.net>

El 14/12/16 a las 10:20, Alexandru Chiscan escribió:
> On 12/13/2016 11:44 PM, José María Terry Jiménez wrote:
>> I had this problem in Fedora 22/23? and the solution was install 
>> LibreOffice 5.1 from the LibreOffice site.
> Thank you, I have installed the latest version from libreoffice site 
> and everything is OK now.
> But I am wondering it is something with my setup or it's a bug in 
> CentOS, does anybody encountered the same problem in CentOS 7.3?
I think is an LibreOffice version / NVidia issue because i had this in a 
machine with an NVidia card (the Fedora's one) and other people with the 
same version but without NVidias and spreadsheets longer and more 
complex that mine had no problem with this.