[CentOS] In A UEFI World, "rm -rf /" Can Brick Your System

Tue Feb 2 10:18:09 UTC 2016
Tony Mountifield <tony at softins.co.uk>

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> > As a public service announcement, recursively removing all of your files
> > from / is no longer recommended. 
> I'm not following, has it ever been recommended (on a working system)??
> Or is this one of those ironic posts? 8-)

I think the point is that hitherto, if you kill a system with "rm -rf /",
you can still do a re-installation from scratch. If I understand correctly
what people are saying, killing the UEFI stuff stops you ever being able
to do a re-install on that box. Is that correct? Is there no way to do a
factory reset of the BIOS?

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