[CentOS] How to install packages from git.centos.org

Fri Feb 5 10:22:33 UTC 2016
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

On 02/03/2016 10:23 AM, Tim wrote:
> Hi all,
> how can I install rpms from git.centos.org? I'd like to install and test
> the realtime-kernel.
> It seems to me that https://wiki.centos.org/Sources only means to build
> srpms.
> What I ned is an rt-kernel with headers for further compiling.

There are not packages to test for everything on git.centos.org .. just
the things we build. The real time kernel is not in RHEL, though the
source code for it is on git.centos.org. Since it is not part of the
main RHEL release the CentOS team does not have a build.

You can try to build it yourself, but first you must create the SRPM
from the source code on git.centos.org.

You first need to install rpm-build, scl-utils-build, and git (in tis
case on a CentOS-7 machine .. need to use the version you want to build

yum install rpm-build scl-utils-build git

You can use the tools here to create SRPMS from git.centos.org source code:


You can get the repository url there for cloning.. and do:

git clone https://git.centos.org/git/centos-git-common.git

then in the centos-git-common directory you will see several scripts
that you can use to build the SRPMs from source.

then you can get the source code for the package you want to build .. in
this case the kernel-rt:

git clone https://git.centos.org/git/rpms/kernel-rt

then go to the kernel-rt directory and checkout the branch and build it:

cd kernel-rt
git checkout c7-rt
<patch to>/into_srpms.sh

that should download and make the SRPM for you.  If you do not want the
'dist' tag for the rpm (currently .el7_2), you can do:

<patch to>/into_srpms.sh -d .el7

That would change the dist tag to .el7 instead of .el7_2

> Purpose: I'd like to build a digital audio workstation and for this I'd
> like to try out CentOS with the following packages first:
> - kernel-rt
> - ardour
> - calf-plugins
> BTW: Is there an audio SIG?

There is no audio SIG at the moment.

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