[CentOS] heads up: /boot space on kernel upgrade

Fri Feb 12 17:55:25 UTC 2016
Mike - st257 <silvertip257 at gmail.com>

On Thu, Feb 11, 2016 at 1:19 PM, Devin Reade <gdr at gno.org> wrote:

> I have a CentOS 6 machine that was initially installed as CentOS 6.4
> in May of 2013.  It's /boot filesystem is 200M which, IIRC, was the
> default /boot size at the time.

Hmm, for some reason I decided on ~500MB /boot on the CentOS6 systems I

> The most recent kernel update (2.6.32-573.18.1.el6) fails because of
> lack of space in /boot. The workaround is edit /etc/yum.conf, reduce
> installonly_limit from 5 to something lower (I used 3), remove the
> oldest kernel via 'rpm -e', and then re-apply the update.  In this case,
> it was necessary to use the 'yum update' command line vs the Update Applet
> due to an incomplete transaction from the failed update.

I've seen, but not used the yum.conf option for kernel retention.
Not many kernels would fit, so in my case cloning was the best option. :-/

Yeah, having to deal with it being out of space stinks.
I've gone through it on a system where a former sysadmin set up a 100MB
/boot partition for that CentOS6 server. Eventually I managed the time to
clone the system so that the /boot partition was 500MB.
( What a pain in the butt until I fixed it! )

//  SilverTip257  //