[CentOS] nfs v3 issues on Centos 7

Tue Feb 16 19:44:46 UTC 2016
Edsall, William (WJ) <WJEdsall at dow.com>

Thanks for the reply - was waiting for a reply so I could give an update.

This seemed to be a bug with Autofs. I ran a yum update to autofs and the problem has been resolved.

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On Wed, Feb 17, 2016 at 2:35 AM, Edsall, William (WJ) <WJEdsall at dow.com>

> Hello list,
> So I'm having a strange issue with Centos 7 mounting NFS V3.
As a first step I would confirm a few things.

1. Do you have any other systems using the NFS server successfully?
2. Does a manual mount work ?
3. If you increase the Logging level on your NFS server does this give you any useful information about the problem ?

Good Luck :)
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