[CentOS] centos7 :: ks.cfg :: customisation of sshd

Thu Feb 18 18:49:59 UTC 2016
Gordon Messmer <gordon.messmer at gmail.com>

On 02/18/2016 10:27 AM, Mike - st257 wrote:
> ( You forgot to escape the space before 60000 in the first sed expression
> you provided. )

True, but you shouldn't need to escape spaces at all:

sed -i 's/#Port 22/Port 60000/; s/#PermitRootLogin yes/PermitRootLogin yes/'

> Though I will note there is some sort of syntax error with the
> PermitRootLogin sed expression (present in the original you provided). I
> spent a moment looking at it and the problem with that second expression
> evades me right now.

I ran the command he provided and didn't see a problem.  What did you see?