[CentOS] [ WAY OFF-TOPIC ] Re: Network hangs after several hours (Centos 6 recently upgraded kernel/glibc)

Fri Feb 19 14:15:29 UTC 2016
Ricardo J. Barberis <ricardo at palmtx.com.ar>

El Viernes 19/02/2016, Richard escribió:
> [please don't top post.]

Then please, also trim your mails before posting if possible, so we don't have 
to scroll several pages just to read a one-or-two-lines reply :)

(Sorry for the off-topic and the nit-picking, not directed at you personally. 
I hate top posting but I also hate scrolling through lines upon lines of 
signatures and other irrelevant content, especially annoying when reading a 
complete thread).

Cheers, and feel free to ignore me :)
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