[CentOS] Network hangs after several hours (Centos 6 recently upgraded kernel/glibc)

Fri Feb 19 15:02:37 UTC 2016
Leon Fauster <leonfauster at googlemail.com>

Am 19.02.2016 um 13:47 schrieb Ian B <ibrierley at gmail.com>:
> We currently do all security updates at short notice (as opposed to
> everything), via a script. I've amended the grub config and rebooted to
> make sure it will reboot into the correct kernel now, and yes
> /etc/sysconfig/kernel was different to production servers. We may try all
> packages if it continues to be unstable now and maybe whatever as its on a
> dev server to test.

Why being selective about updates (despite the already mentioned 
implications that obviously where not recognized while doing it)? 
What is your scenario that requires this? I'm just curious ...