[CentOS] RasPi 3.x and RH-based Distro (Slightly OT)

Mon Feb 29 19:00:09 UTC 2016
Jos Vos <jos at xos.nl>

On Mon, Feb 29, 2016 at 06:26:24PM +0000, Karanbir Singh wrote:

> join the arm-dev list ( https://lists.centos.org )  CentOS has a great
> story across the entire ARMv7 and v8 platform, with every major vendor
> in the ARM 64bit platform working with us. We say the rpi3 release this
> morning and are going to work on a bringup to match our rpi2 images.
> However, we will also be doing a 64bit image, based on CentOS Linux
> 7/aarch64 release

FWIW, this is what was posted to the Fedora's ARM list about supporting
the Pi3 in Fedora by Peter Robinson:

  No, not currently, and certainly won't be in Fedora 24 unless someone
  contributes a lot of stuff very quickly.

  Why? There's no source (yet) for the new SoC, it's not upstream and
  won't be until at least 4.7 (it has to be queued for inclusion by rc4
  of the previous release to land in the next release) it supports a
  boot process that is nothing like what we currently support for
  aarch64 so it would need significant work for aarch64 in Fedora, and
  the wifi firmware (looks similar issues that people have with Apple
  Mac wifi) isn't currently in linux-firmware so it's not (as far as I'm
  aware) currently able to be distributed as part of Fedora.

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