[CentOS] RasPi 3.x and RH-based Distro (Slightly OT)

Mon Feb 29 23:04:15 UTC 2016
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

On 29/02/16 20:00, David Both wrote:
> +1
> I just today installed CentOS Userland on a Raspberry Pi 2B and have
> started using it as a firewall. It is fast and really works perfectly
> for this use case. I have an HDMI to VGA adapter and a PS/2
> mouse/keyboard to USB adapter to connect to my 16 port KVM switch. I use
> a Gb Ethernet dongle for the internal network and connect the on-board
> NIC to the external network.

great! I've mostly just stuck with the ttl cable, with serial console
and use the cubietruck and the rpi2 as headless devices.

> I have a few more tools I want to install, because the CentOS ARM image
> is very minimal. And not everything I would like is available on the
> repo, but enough to make this very workable for me.

you should be vocal on the arm-dev list, we are looking at ways of doing
an epel mass build as well for the altarch distro's.

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