[CentOS] Measuring memory bandwidth utilization

Wed Feb 3 01:34:40 UTC 2016
Benjamin Smith <lists at benjamindsmith.com>

I'd like to know what the cause of a particular DB server's slowdown might be. 
We've ruled out IOPs for the disks (~ 20%) and raw CPU load (top shows perhaps 
1/2 of cores busy, but the system slows to a crawl. 

We're suspecting that we're simply running out of memory bandwidth but have no 
way to confirm this suspicion. Is there a way to test for this? Think: iostat 
but for memory bandwidth instead of disk IO. 

So far, searching has found intel-cmt-cat-master which isn't supported on our 
CPU and oprofile which *sounds* like it does what I want from their website but 
I can't seem to get output that, in any way, tells me what the bandwidth usage 

Any idea?