[CentOS] Pi 2 Alternatives

Thu Feb 4 15:33:56 UTC 2016
Chris Olson <chris_e_olson at yahoo.com>

We have a requirement for a new application that will be used
fixed, portable, and mobile.  The hardware requirements drive
the need for networking as well as some general purpose and
special purpose interfaces.  The software requirements are
quite simple in comparison to many of our much larger systems
with similar hardware requirements.  We are not significantly
restricted in choice of storage peripherals or other devices
that may be needed.

We believe that a small, single board computer will meet all
requirements as long as it can run Linux.  We have identified
the need for approximately six prototyping units to support
the initial production of about 200 to 300 operational systems.
Our development and deployment time frame does not drive the
need for an extremely rapid product decision, and there are
pre-planned upgrade cycles over the next five years. 

An internal group has achieved a significant head of steam in
support of using the Pi 2 Model B.  The support enthusiasm may
be partly technical and partly the hype associated with jumping
into the Pi community.  The number of suppliers does appear to
support our supply chain and sustainment requirements, however
the Linux available for the Pi 2 does not appear to be optimal.
It would be better if there were choices that include a standard
Linux distribution such as CentOS.

This certainly seems like one of those situations where a trade
of single board computer products is appropriate and achievable.
There are products similar to the Pi 2 capable of running a more
standard Linux distribution that we might consider.  Does anyone
have an experience-based single board computer recommendation?

Thanks in advance for any product recommendations.