[CentOS] Laptop SCSI capability supported by CentOS 7

Tue Feb 23 18:19:07 UTC 2016
Lamar Owen <lowen at pari.edu>

I'm looking for a well-supported ExpressCard or PCMCIA/CardBus SCSI card 
that can do at least FastSCSI (Narrow, Wide not necessary) that is 
supported by CentOS 7.  I have an Adaptec SlimSCSI 1460D, but it doesn't 
seem to be supported (it's previously supported by the aha152x driver).

Any ideas are welcomed, other than 'just use a desktop.'  I am not sure 
a USB or Firewire to SCSI bridge will work for what I need, which is 
connection to an audio-capable DDS2 drive (SGI Firmware 
Seagate/Conner/ArDAT Peregrine 4326 that is from an SGI system). Yeah, I 
know I can use DATman on IRIX (I have a pair of O2's and a purple 
Indigo2 w/ SolidIMPACT), but going forward I'd like to use my laptop.