[CentOS] Bitcoin for CentOS 7

Wed Feb 24 13:25:33 UTC 2016
Alice Wonder <alice at domblogger.net>

For those interested I have a working spec file for Bitcoin 0.12.0


I believe the only BuildRequires that isn't in CentOS/EPEL is 
miniupnpc-devel but that's trivial to build as well.

With Bitcoin 0.12.0 the ECC stuff that Red Hat ripped out of OpenSSL 
doesn't matter anymore.


That spec file is somewhat based on what 
https://www.ringingliberty.com/bitcoin/ does for Fedora / CentOS with a 
couple noted differences -

A) I don't have SELinux stuff (yet). His SELinux stuff is broken on 
CentOS 7. Only matters for the bitcoin-server package, the GUI client 
doesn't seem to matter.

B) He uses system BerkeleyDB. I build BerkeleyDB when building bitcoin 
because BerkeleyDB is fragile enough that changes to it can cause a 
wallet that can't be read by other clients.

C) He adds a patch that adds functionality needed by a very small 
demographic - hardware machines that sell bitcoins. I prefer to not add 
that patch because I prefer pristine source rather than modifying what 
the devs produced for a feature 99.9% of the population doesn't need.

So I prefer to stick with the precise version that bitcoin.org uses in 
the binary builds they distribute. Happens to be same version CentOS 7 
has now but that may not always be the case. It isn't with CentOS 6.

Anyway if anyone one this list has interest, figured I'd share the spec 
file. Adding SELinux to the server package I will work on.

Oh the referenced patch that is there is only needed for LibreSSL, you 
can comment it out to build against OpenSSL.

0.12.0 seems much faster at indexing than previous versions, and catches 
up faster when it is behind on blocks.