[CentOS] Just need to vent

Sun Jan 24 11:47:26 UTC 2016
John Hodrien <J.H.Hodrien at leeds.ac.uk>

On Sun, 24 Jan 2016, Mark LaPierre wrote:

> I'm forced to use MS Windows 7 at work.  They have rolled in so much
> smart phone/tablet stuff that it makes the desktop even more of a pain
> to use than Windows XP was.  Examples include, you can have your
> applications any color you want as long as it's gray, and you can no
> longer search for files by anything other than the file name.  I didn't
> like Windows before and I like it even less now.

This is totally off topic, and untrue.

> The main reason I'm still using, nearly obsolete, CentOS 6 is because I
> don't want to have to deal with Gnome 3.  I wish the Gnome developers would
> stop fixing things that are not broken for people who use real desktop
> computers to get their work done.  Maybe part of the problem is that
> Fedora/Red Hat have not figured out that the OS should determine if the
> platform it's running on is a desktop or a phone/pad of some kind and then
> select a user interface appropriate to the platform.

My opinion is that there's a silent majority who don't hate Gnome3, and that
it's not half as terrible as people seem to make out.  You can start
applications, move windows around, and manage files.  What do people really
want from a DE?  Being able to just type winkey-texmaker and have texmaker
start up is suddenly a bad thing?

gedit broken for offering you fonts that aren't monospace?  I think that's a
really weak criticism, considering it defaults to monospace.

Spatial nautilus behaviour is a gnome 2 horror feature, and okay and cancel
swapping order and all the other fun gnome 2 isms seem to have been forgotten.

Maybe I'm just hard to annoy,