[CentOS] Learned something today

Sun Jan 10 14:52:46 UTC 2016
Alice Wonder <alice at domblogger.net>

Did you know you can use systemd to turn on tmpfs for /tmp ???

I had no clue that was possible, always did it through fstab - but

systemctl is-enabled tmp.mount

That will tell you if systemd has configured /tmp to mount as tmpfs 
(default in CentOS 7 is no)

systemctl enable tmp.mount

That, as you can probably guess, tells systemd to mount /tmp as tmpfs 
next time the system boots.


Just thought I would pass it along in case others may benefit.

For me, I only need /tmp as tmpfs on my Bitcoin box - and then only when 
generating private keys for cold storage, SSDs are often not very good 
at securely deleting files. So I use tmpfs for /tmp and generate the 
private keys for cold storage to a file in /tmp and then print it from 
there (for storage in safe deposit box) - so that the private keys can't 
be recovered from the SSD.

Yes, booting off a CD to generate and then print works too, but that's 

Anyway just in case anyone else needs /tmp as tmpfs for anything, 
thought I'd pass the tip along.