[CentOS] Balsa problem

Wed Jan 13 02:14:40 UTC 2016
Fred Smith <fredex at fcshome.stoneham.ma.us>

Wondering if anyone here has built Balsa for Centos-7.

I've used it on Centos 5 and 6 for years, though I had to compile
it myself.

It compiles cleanly on c7, but when run I keep getting error messages
that say "Failure to sync mailbox xxxx" that seem to happen when I try
to view a mailbox that has new/unread mail, or perhaps it happens when
a mailbox receives new mail whilei Balsa is open, not certain which.

I can't find anything in the Balsa mailing list(s) that helps, and
Google isn't my friend in searching for any help on this.

Anybody got any thoughts?

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