[CentOS] No GUI with CentOS-7.2

Thu Jan 7 00:51:33 UTC 2016
Timothy Murphy <gayleard at eircom.net>

Timothy Murphy wrote:

> When I re-booted my HP MicroServer into CentOS-7.2
> I was given a text console.

I found the solution in the end,
I think from a hint dropped by Johnny Hughes.

I was missing a number of KDE packages, I'm not sure why.
But when I ran "sudo yum install kde-workspace"
there were a couple of dependency conflicts.
I managed to overcome these by yum-removing 2 packages,
and then re-installing kde-workspace filled the gaps.
As a precaution, I ran "sudo yum distro-sync"
which for some reason downgraded a dozen packages.
After that I re-booted into CentOS-7.2
and was given the desired graphic console.

I think I probably overlooked an error message
that came up when I updated the system remotely.
(The server was in another country.)

Thanks for all the suggestions I received.

Timothy Murphy  
gayleard /at/ eircom.net
School of Mathematics, Trinity College, Dublin