[CentOS] Centos 3.8 Server Questions, SeaMonkey Mozilla and Java

Fri Jan 8 22:18:36 UTC 2016
Peter <peter at pajamian.dhs.org>

On 09/01/16 10:08, H wrote:
> In order to run a certain software package that runs as a java applet I had to install Centos 3.8 on a 32-bit server. After installation I upgraded the installation using yum after repointing the configuration file to vault.centos.org. This worked fine, however, I still have to resolve two problems:
> - I'd would like to make the EPEL repository available but have not been able to find if old EPEL software packages are stored somewhere else for non-supported versions of CentOS?
> - I am trying to get Java 1.4.1 running in SeaMonkey Mozilla 5.0, the latest version I have been able to find for Centos 3.8, but have not had success to date. My current understanding is that I need to create a symbolic link to a Java .so file in the Mozilla plugin directory but must be doing something wrong since I cannot get Java to show up as a plugin using about:plugins in SeaMonkey Mozilla.
> Is anyone able to offer suggestions?

There is a JVM available that runs just fine on all new supported
versions of CentOS (5.11, 6.7 and 7.2) and EPEL as well.  My suggestion
is you install and run something that is supported and not full of major
security holes.

If you choose to run something years out of date such as CentOS 3,
regardless of the reason, you are quite on your own, it is already
broken and you get to keep the pieces.