[CentOS] Just need to vent

Mon Jan 25 20:33:13 UTC 2016
Sylvain CANOINE <sylvain.canoine at tv5monde.org>

> If that is the case, why do you run CentOS 7 on the server? You can stay
> with CentOS 6 for now and either wait till Linux systemd-free distribution
> mature enough to be run on server is available. Which it almost is: Devuan
> (systemd-free fork of Debian) has released "alpha" version about half a
> year ago. If you feel "married" to Linux, maybe it is a good idea to play
> with Devuan, provide them feedback thus helping them to become system-free
> Linux acceptable for servers. Simultaneously you can explore other options
> which would be to migrate away from Linux (Open Solaris, FreeBSD, NetBSD,
> OpenBSD will be much smaller step than stepping up to CentOS 7 - that is
> my experience, though FreeBSD migration of servers I started came much
> earlier than CentOS 7 and for different reason).
If I had the choice... The OS and the version are decreed by the contractor, I'm just a maintainer.

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