[CentOS] Just need to vent

Mon Jan 25 23:26:51 UTC 2016
Kay Schenk <kay.schenk at gmail.com>

On 01/24/2016 11:46 PM, Alice Wonder wrote:
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>>> My opinion is that there's a silent majority who don't hate
>>> Gnome3, and that
>>> it's not half as terrible as people seem to make out.  You can start
>>> applications, move windows around, and manage files.  What do
>>> people really
>>> want from a DE?  Being able to just type winkey-texmaker and have
>>> texmaker
>>> start up is suddenly a bad thing?
>> Spot on.
>> I don't hate Gnome3 enough to get irritated, not when it's as easy
>> as changing
>> the desktop environment.
>> This is what linux is about for me, if I don't like something -
>> I'm pretty
>> much free to search for other solutions and use those instead.
>> I do understand Alice's rant though.
>> It mirrored my sentiments with CentOS 7 just when it came out. 8-)
> I tried to like gnome3 but there were several things that I just
> could not accept.
> Totem - which they insist on calling Movie Player now. I could not
> figure out how to get to not be full screen. I use it for playing
> audio clips I am working on, and don't want it full screen. In Gnome
> 2 it was easy.
> Vertical Scroll Bar Sliders. They took away the scroll bars from my
> applications. No configuration option to turn it on, after searching
> and asking I found out the only way to turn them back on was with CSS.
> But after doing that, it only came back for some applications.
> On my desktop it isn't a big deal, I scroll with the scroll wheel.
> But on my laptops (Thinpad T Series) I don't have a scroll wheel, I
> like to grab the slider.
> Those are the reasons I switched to Mate.
> But even in Mate, applications like gedit pull in more Gnome 3 UI
> crap I don't like. Like no file menu on the left hand side of the
> window, instead horizontal bars all the way at the right hand hand
> side of the window - yet a save box all the way on the left hand.
> And the Calculator app - Every damn time I grab the window to move
> it, the mode selector gets triggered because instead of being in a
> file menu like it use to be - it is now dead center in the top bar
> of the window, where I am use to grabbing windows to drag them.
> Gnome3 UI is a disaster that needs to be fixed.
> It's also rather annoying that I can no longer use my favorite
> spreadsheet, gnumeric, in CentOS because only old versions without
> bug fixes build. It use to be that current versions of gnome
> applications like gnumeric didn't require the most bleeding edge
> libraries to build them, but now they do.

I appreciate this "venting" thread. I am still on 6.7 with plans to
move to CentOS 7 in a few months.

I know CentOS 7 is systemd -- ok, maybe I can deal with that having
had some exposure to it, though I'm VERY fond of good ole system V
init scripts. And I actually had been looking forward to gnome3, but
now I'm not too sure about that. Well I could go back to KDE in any
case. But -- grub2 ?! Oh boy -- no joy from that in my previous
experience! :( I'm hoping I can stick with grub 1 some way if I DO
migrate to CentOS 7.

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