[CentOS] Centos 3.8 Server Questions, SeaMonkey Mozilla and Java

Fri Jan 8 21:08:44 UTC 2016
H <agents at meddatainc.com>

In order to run a certain software package that runs as a java applet I had to install Centos 3.8 on a 32-bit server. After installation I upgraded the installation using yum after repointing the configuration file to vault.centos.org. This worked fine, however, I still have to resolve two problems:
- I'd would like to make the EPEL repository available but have not been able to find if old EPEL software packages are stored somewhere else for non-supported versions of CentOS?
- I am trying to get Java 1.4.1 running in SeaMonkey Mozilla 5.0, the latest version I have been able to find for Centos 3.8, but have not had success to date. My current understanding is that I need to create a symbolic link to a Java .so file in the Mozilla plugin directory but must be doing something wrong since I cannot get Java to show up as a plugin using about:plugins in SeaMonkey Mozilla.

Is anyone able to offer suggestions?

Thank you.