[CentOS] yum returns error 'repolist 0'

Thu Jul 14 07:01:10 UTC 2016
ge lignored <gelignored at gmail.com>

greetings to one and all.

a new iso burn w/ centos 6.8 failed to boot on a 686 32 bit mid tower box,
but will boot a 32 bit laptop, so i dropped back to 6.7 which did boot.

after install with centos 6.7, attempt to upgrade fails with 'repolist 0'.

all desire repo files have enable = 1.

searched thru past 4 yrs of personal archives, nothing found related to
'repolist 0'.

ran web search for 'repolist 0' and 'repolist = 0' with all hits related
to repo files having 'enable = 0'.

any suggestions/ideas/clues as to solution of problem greatly appreciated.


peace out.

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CentOS GNU/Linux 6.8