[CentOS] Mounting NFS subdirectories individually or just the parent?

Wed Jul 27 21:46:58 UTC 2016
Frank Thommen <lists.centos.de at drosera.ch>


does it in any respect (throughput/performance, cpu load, I/O load, 
resilience, ...) matter, if one mounts subdirectories of an NFS (v3) 
export into separate directories or if one just mounts the parent directory?

I.e. like this:

   server:/export/base/a -> /mnt/a
   server:/export/base/b -> /mnt/b
   server:/export/base/c -> /mnt/c
   server:/export/base/d -> /mnt/d
   server:/export/base/e -> /mnt/e

or simply like this:

   server:/export/base   -> /mnt

I would guess, that it doesn matter at all, but at $work the standard 
setup on all cluster nodes is, to mount >20 subdirectories from the NFS 
server individually and the justification is, that is more performant 
and reliable.

Can this be confirmed (or denied)?

I couldn't find this method of "NFS performance tuning" mentioned 
anywhere and from a management perspective the sheer amount of mounted 
filesystems makes the list confusing and harder to troubleshoot.

Any thoughts?