[CentOS] NetworkManger creates extra bonds; is this a bug?

Thu Jul 7 21:36:03 UTC 2016
Digimer <lists at alteeve.ca>

On 07/07/16 05:21 PM, Joe Smithian wrote:
> Hi All,
> I see an unexpected beahviour from NetworkManager on CentOS 7.1.
> Using nmcli tool, I create a bond with two slaves as explained in the Red
> Hat 7.1 Networking guide. I enable slaves and master; bond works as
> expected.
> When I restart NetworkManager, it creates a new bond with the same name but
> not connected to any device. Two bonds with the same name is confusing for
> my other monitoring scripts.
> I'm wondering why a second bond is created? Is it a bug in NetworkManger?
> #Create a bond with two slaves
> nmcli con add autoconnect no type bond con-name bond0 ifname bond0
> nmcli con mod bond0 ipv6.method ignore ipv4.method manual  ipv4.addresses
> ipv4.never-default no ipv4.ignore-auto-dns no
> nmcli con add autoconnect no type bond-slave con-name bond-slave-eth0
> ifname eth0 master bond0
> nmcli con add autoconnect no type bond-slave con-name bond-slave-eth1
> ifname eth1 master bond0
> #Enable bond
> nmcli con mod bond-slave-eth0 connection.autoconnect yes
> nmcli con up bond-slave-eth0
> nmcli con mod bond-slave-eth1 connection.autoconnect yes
> nmcli con up bond-slave-eth1
> nmcli con mod bond0 connection.autoconnect yes
> nmcli con up bond0
> systemctl restart NetworkManager
> systemctl restart iptables
> nmcli con | grep bond
> bond0            9942bdc6-df72-4723-b2ed-47a78e3a5c59  bond            bond0
> bond-slave-eth0  8b0fbbe1-a7f0-448c-8005-46d11599f57a  802-3-ethernet  eth0
> bond-slave-eth1  333dd1b9-15a4-4119-8e42-55ac3621a85d  802-3-ethernet  eth1
> *bond0            460dd9e8-bc0b-473e-9c89-41facda98b66  bond
> --    # Why this extra bond connections has been created?*
> I'd appreciate your comments and suggestions to fix the issue.
> Thanks,
> Joe

To this day, on EL6, creating bonds always generates a spurious 'bond0'
interface with no slaved interfaces. It was reported to red hat bugzilla
ages ago but the issue was closed without resolution (sorry, I've been
looking for the rhbz# but haven't found it yet).


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