[CentOS] Help with C7 start script

Mon Jul 18 17:18:44 UTC 2016
Jonathan Billings <billings at negate.org>

On Mon, Jul 18, 2016 at 11:41:21AM -0400, Jerry Geis wrote:
> For the most part this works every time on boot.
> However - when I do a "yum update" and the kernel changes part of my
> boot.sh is to
> detect that kernel change and recompile some of my drivers.
> The kernel change is detected and the recomiling starts - but after some
> time the
> process just stops. If I rerun it manuall it will then complete as normal.
> So my question is  - Is my service script above not complete? Is they
> system looking for
> it to exit in a certain amount of time and it hasnt exited so it KILLs my
> script ?
> something like that ?
> What is missing from my script so it does not kill it after some time ?

There's nothing that jumps out at me as incorrect, if what you say is
true, that it's hung.  You might be better off with a oneshot job
instead of forking.

Also, the benefit of running this in CentOS7 with systemd is that you
can examine the journal to see what exactly its been doing, so if your
script is verbose, you should be able to see what its doing.  Just run
'journalctl -xl -u YOURUNITNAME.service'.  Anything sent to stdout,
stderr, syslog or the journal should be there.  Perhaps that'll help?

I manage some packages that use dkms for building kernel modules for
each new kernel, perhaps that might be a nice structure for you to use
to build your kmods?  The 'dkms' package is part of EPEL and its home
page is here: http://linux.dell.com/dkms  

Jonathan Billings <billings at negate.org>