[CentOS] users unable to log into kde after 6.8 update

Thu Jul 21 11:56:31 UTC 2016
Jose Maria Terry Jimenez <jtj at tssystems.net>

El 21/7/16 a las 8:53, geo.inbox.ignore escribió:

> greetings to all.
> centos = 6.8 current
> system = toshiba l455d-s5976 laptop
> a new problem has developed after 1st updating of 6.8.
> regular user is not able to open kde desktop, can open
> gnome desktop.
> root user can open either kde or gnome desktop.
> as a user, when i try to open kde, after entering password,
> screen goes to a solid blue, then shows a quick full screen
> view of command line text, too quick to read, then screen
> changes back to login prompt.
> logged in as root, i created a second user, still have same
> results as above.
> searching thru 2+ years of local archives revealed nothing,
> nor does web searching.
> any advise, recommendation, suggestion appreciated.
> tia.

If it works for root and not for users, it seems a permissions problem

I'd try:

chown -R username.username /home/username

Hope it helps