[CentOS] installing centos 7 32 bit i386 to laptop

Thu Jul 28 02:58:00 UTC 2016
geo.inbox.ignored <geo.inbox.ignored at gmail.com>

On 07/26/16 13:04, geo.inbox.ignored wrote:

install attempt #4 using _minimal_ install is now running.

there is a problem in that,

> 0e:00.0 Network controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. \
>         RTL8187SE Wireless LAN Controller (rev 22)

is not recognized.

where as,

> 14:00.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. \
>         RTL8101/2/6E PCI Express Fast/Gigabit Ethernet controller (rev 02)

is recognized.

will be adding repo as suggested by Johnny Hughes.


not there yet.

if life did not have problems, would it be any fun?

and then there are computers...

with default install, aka, command line...

tried it, not what is desired.

rebooted, selected 'CentOS release 6.8 (final) (on /dev/sda7)', and
got what i desired even less. :=\

  error: invalid file name 'CentOS^(2.6.32-642.3.1.el6.i686)'
  error: you need to load the kernel first.

select: 'Advanced options for CentOS release 6.8 (Final) (on /dev/sda7)',
selections are;

  5 (on /dev/sda7)
  5 (on /dev/sda7)

'5' what?

selecting either, i get above 2 errors again.

after applying the all mighty '3 fingers of death', i boot centos 6.8
live dvd to see if original files are still in boot partition.

after mounting boot partition, a study of files indicates that all 6.x
files are as should be. for some unknown reason, 7 32 bit does not
understand what they are.

of course is no 'CentOS^(2.6.32-642.3.1.el6.i686)', but there are all
of the '2.6.32-642.3.1.el6.i686' files for centos 6.8 final.

so now what? any suggestions for recovery?


peace out.

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