[CentOS] firewall-config not functional

Tue Jun 7 12:05:56 UTC 2016
James Hogarth <james.hogarth at gmail.com>

On 7 Jun 2016 12:44, "Emmett Culley" <lst_manage at webengineer.com> wrote:
> I have a number of machines (hardware and VMs) running CentOS 7.  I all
cases firewall-config is not functional.
> First, the service check boxes are not functional.  When you click on
one, it  don't change to "checked", and nothing changes on the firewall.
However you do see a "Changes applied"
> Sometimes, f you go to permanent mode and attempt to edit a zone, the
whole desktop locks up as soon as you click on the default target dropdown.
> When I run firewall-config from the command line I see the following:
> --------------------------
> org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name
org.freedesktop.NetworkManager was not provided by any .service files
> (firewall-config:5079): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_tree_view_get_path_at_pos:
assertion 'tree_view != NULL' failed
> --------------------------
> with the second line repeating many times and often while attempting to
interact with the GUI.
> We don't use NetworkManager except on laptops, and so do not install it.
Though we do install NetworkManager-glib, if only because some packages
require it.
> After seeing a similar bug on the RHEL I also installed
NetworkManager-libnm, but that did not make a difference.  That RHEL bug
also mentioned this problem only occurs on KDE, and not Gnome.  And we only
install KDE when a GUI is required, or desired.

I'd suggest you install and test with NetworkManager

Do note that the EL7 NM is a far cry from the one that shipped with EL6 and
unless you specifically need a facility not exposed by NM it is strongly
recommended you use it.

Take a look at my article on nmcli - it's rather lovely to use now:


As for the firewall tool... don't use it ... it's horrible

Either use firewall-cmd to configure at the CLI or switch to iptables and
configure that as you did EL6