[CentOS] scp via another server

Sun Jun 12 20:34:19 UTC 2016
Jonathan Billings <billings at negate.org>

On Jun 12, 2016, at 2:43 PM, H <agents at meddatainc.com> wrote:
> There seems to be something broken when using scp between two remote locations. Some posts on the 'net suggest using 'scp -3' to do an intermediate copy to the workstation between the two remote servers but that option does not seem to have been implemented yet on scp for Centos 6.7.

Ah, ignore my earlier comment then.  ‘scp -3’ is not available in the OpenSSH in CentOS6.  It appears to have been introduced in OpenSSH 5.7, and CentOS6 uses 5.3.

Jonathan Billings <billings at negate.org>