[CentOS] Getting hibernate to work on a new CentOS 7.2.1115 install

Thu Jun 16 14:12:45 UTC 2016
Globe Trotter <itsme_410 at yahoo.com>

Thank you for this.
> cat /sys/power/state

I get:
freeze mem

> cat /sys/power/disk

> The first should include 'disk' and the second should say enabled or
some such. 

So, clearly this is not set correctly. How do I make these changes, if I am allowed to?

> Note that hibernation is probably not supported by theCentOS kernel if this is on a UEFI computer with Secure Boot enabled
(it's not supported by Fedora kernels) as it's a possible vector to
defeat the point of Secure Boot.

I  do have SecureBoot disabled (the computer would not boot after installation otherwise) and that is when I found the hidden "flag" to disable SecureBoot.
> And yet another thing is that it's possible the initramfs isn't using
resume=<hibernationimagedevice> which is currently a problem on
Fedora. So you might need to add this to the grub.cfg on the kernel
command line, something like resume=/dev/VG/swap or wherever it is. If
it's a /dev/sdXY, i.e. on a regular partition, then use UUID.
I know how to get it working on Fedora (modify /etc/default/grub and grub-instlall) or so I believe. Should I have to do the same thing on CentOS?

Thanks again!