[CentOS] Installing 6.8 from DVD1.iso, changes

Thu Jun 16 22:26:20 UTC 2016
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

On 06/16/2016 04:36 PM, Zube wrote:
> Downloaded 6.8 DVD1.iso, dd to stick.  Went through same selections
> I have gone through since 6.2, only this time it got to the end and
> stated it couldn't find rear, which is under "backup client".
> OK, try it again without rear.  This time it's yum-plugin-ovl from base
> (?).  Then chrony, also in base (?).  Then flightrecorder, libreswan,
> at least 2 of openmpi & co. and finally unbound, which is a rather
> apt description of my current mental state.
> So, a heap of stuff has either moved to DVD2 or is new and lives
> on DVD2.  The same set of selections, especially if you choose all
> the optional packages of a group, may not work as they previously did
> in the install of <= 6.7.

This may well be.  The only things that were specifically made sure to
work with DVD1 are the default installs.

I am certainly willing to try to get other installs to work, and would
be glad to take input where we can add to the list, which comes from here:


(Click on tree in the latest commit, then the file
splittree-disk1.lst.x86_64 or splittree-disk1.lst.i386)

Those are the packages that go on DVD1 for the CentOS-6 iso builds.

By all means, I will take updates / patches to that list.

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