[CentOS] netbook screen suddenly goes black

Mon Jun 20 05:02:35 UTC 2016
anax <anax at ayni.com>

Try with CTRL-ALT-F2 (go to the console) and CTRL-ALT-F1 (go back to the 
X-Window). This may help...


On 06/20/2016 03:10 AM, Fred Smith wrote:
> Hi all!
> I'm running an up to date Centos-7 on my Acer Aspire One netbook. have
> been for, well, ever since C7 was released.
> Just had an event today that also happened 2 or 3 times with earlier
> systems installed, but I never pursued it.
> What happens is that suddenly while working away on the desktop the
> display suddenly goes black... not black as in turned off, I can see
> that the backlight is still on, but no image is displayed.
> Nothing I can do fixes it except a reboot. I've tried CTRL-ALT-BKSP,
> CTRL-ALT-DEL, alt+printscreen+r+e+i+s+u+b. none of them do anything
> noticeable.
> I've been looking at system logs and don't find anything that gives
> me a clue what is going wrong when that happens.
> neither dmesg, /var/log/Xorg*, nor /var/log/messages contins much. I've
> tried digging thru "man journalctl" and ultimately reading thru the
> output of journalctl with no arguments.
> Can anyone of you provide further hints on what I should be looking
> for or at?
> thanks!
> Fred